"Projekt Ålidhem" Ingo Vetter och Peter Lundström

"I like Umeå and Umeå likes me" Lasse Sahlin

"En viktig del i vår utbildning" studenternas förord

Ylva Trapp

Frida Krohn
Therese Johansson
Lars Hedelin
Frida Krohn, Ylva Trapp
och Lina Palmqvist

Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy

Per-Arne Sträng
Martina Wolgast
Mariel Rosendahl
Nils-Johan Sjöquist


"Ålidhems tillkomst" Hans Åkerlind
"My own private Ålidhem" Maria Bjurestam
"Funktionell skulptur" Ingo Vetter

Presentation av medverkande


Nils-Johan Sjöqvist

Jag gör konst. Det är enkelt. Jag tycker att det är givande. Jag gillar stora saker. Ålidhem är stort. Ålidhem är rött. Min konst är röd. Min annons är enkel. Konst är enkelt. Ålidhem är fyrkantigt. Ålidhem finns inte, inte i verkligheten. Jag förstår inte gränser. Jag vill göra konst med funktion. Miljonprogrammet är funktion. Min konst är konstaterande. Jag tänkte på Ålidhem som bild.

”Annons” genomfördes den 6 februari 2008 i Svenska Dagbladets näringslivsdel.


I wonder if it would be possible and what the costs would be to build a sculpture such as the one described in the attachment. I am located in Umeå in Sweden. If you need to know more, please contact me.

I have met the authorities of the city and have come up with some questions. I wonder if you know how much bounce the construction will produce e.g. for a kid or an adult. Is it possible to build it so it is less bounce in the periphery of the oval? And I also wonder if I can do some modifications on the construction to make it safer to use, maybe more or less grading towards the edges. What do you suggest? Will there be a need to put something on the ground where I will use it. Like a carpet. Are there any existing carpets that I can put under or around it that will prevent people being hurt if they fall off? Also do you know anything about what are the safety regulations concerning this kind of inflatables. As it is now it will be constantly supervised. If the construction breaks, can it be repaired? Do I have to send it to Denmark? My last question is: Would it be possible to send a sample of the material that you build the inflatables with. Ok, that was everything I came up with this time. You have been very helpful so I don't think this is any problem for you. Best Regards

Just to be clear in my wishes I send you these sketches again. And also I have marked very, very roughly, ( sorry I don't have access to any graphic editor where I am now ), with yellow on your sketch on the edges, if they can be above the ground, so that you get more the impression of the whole structure like "floating". I hope you understand.

It's going good. I've got clearance from the City of Umeå so I have planned to contact you. I need to get a detailed sketch of the construction which I can approve. It would be great if we could come to a conclusion before Christmas so the order of the construction can be made as soon as possible. If you don't hear from me it’s because I will not have my mail available until next Monday. I am looking forward to continue the work together with you.

Thanks for replying. I’m sorry for the long absence but have been on holiday. I have received the offer and also the sketches. My question with the sketch you sent, how smooth is it possible to make the surface? If you still have my sketch, I would like as little "waves" as possible. If I don’t care about the jumping qualities, but more how it looks, isn't it possible to make it all completely smooth?

It is an order when I receive the new sketch with flat surface :) How much will the construction weight without the fan and how big will it be when I fold away it? Can you still mail me a sample of the jumping material through regular mail so I can see it and feel it? Ok that's all for today.

Stänk är en mobil uppblåsbar skulptur som har dykt upp inom området under 2008.