"Project Ålidhem" Ingo Vetter and Peter Lundström

"I like Umeå and Umeå likes me" Lasse Sahlin

"An Important Part of our Education" Students’ Foreword

Ylva Trapp

Frida Krohn
Therese Johansson
Lars Hedelin
Frida Krohn, Ylva Trapp
och Lina Palmqvist

Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy

Per-Arne Sträng
Martina Wolgast
Mariel Rosendahl
Nils-Johan Sjöquist


"The History of Ålidhem" Hans Åkerlind
"My own private Ålidhem" Maria Bjurestam
"Functional Sculpturer" Ingo Vetter

Presentation of Participants



Art students

Lars Hedelin, born in 1982 in Nacka
I draw a lot. Most often I piece together my drawings into animated films in a computer program.

Therese Johansson, born in 1983 in Pålsboda
I mostly work with drawing and sculpture. The piece “Alone Together” was the first time I made a large installation, which involved more structured and communicative work.

Frida Krohn, born in 1983 in Örebro
Educated at Kuben, Örebro, Art School Idun Lovén, Stockholm, Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå. Frida is primarily a painter but also works conceptually and with exhibition questions, see

Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy, born in 1970 in Hanoi, Vietnam
My background is in art history and criticism. I am interested in the cultural discourse within concepts of globalization, particularly interaction between cultures. Materials and art forms are only devices to transfer ideas. I work mainly with installations, video and documentaries.

Mariel Rosendahl, born in 1982 in Helsingborg
Temporary and permanent installations, short videos, performance

Nils-Johan Sjöquist, born in 1980 in Ängelholm
Violence, aggression, anger, hatred, banality, naiveté, anti-intellectual and manliness describe my thoughts about my work. I work intuitively and impulsively. I work clearly and directly, complicatedly and ambivalently.

Lina Palmqvist, born in 1982 in Umeå
Educated at Öland’s art school, Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå, one year as an exchange student at the Academy of Visual Arts in Helsinki.
I place great weight on the conceptual and social aspects of art. As an artist one stands alone as the creator of art, but without the help of other people, many projects would never be realized.

Per-Arne Sträng, born in 1976 in Östersund
I have always been interested in questions about how we choose to live our lives and how we view our surroundings. My greatest source of inspiration is everyday life and my immediate surroundings; it is often the most self-evident situations that I pause to think about more than once.

Ylva Trapp, born in 1981 in Uppsala
Studied art since 2003, Angeredsateljen, Gothenburg’s Art College, Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå.
My basic medium is drawing but I also work with sculpture, text and sound. I often work with outward-oriented art, see The book Who Has Opened My Kitchen Cupboards Before is available for sale. Contact me.

Martina Wolgast, born in 1982 in Hakarp
I work primarily with video, with political and poetic points of departure. I am interested in questions concerning people, animals and nature.

Project Leaders

Maria Bjurestam, born in 1961 in Örnskökdsvik
My art revolves around space, the body and language, around questions about positions, expectations and meaning.
In the Ålidhem project, I was responsible, together with Peter Lundström, for a workshop on project presentation for the students. The result was shown publicly in Ålidhem Centre. Based on my own experience of living in Ålidhem in 1971-82, I led a guided tour of the district. My contribution to this catalogue is a text based on the tour.

Christofer Fredriksson, born in 1967 in Umeå
I have been working since 2000 at the Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå University. I am project leader for an exchange programme with the Vietnam University of Fine Arts and the Academy’s representative in Umeå Iaspis.
As an artist I work with video, sound, performance, installation, painting and books. Together with IngoVetter I started Project Ålidhem.

Peter Lundström, born in 1953 in Umeå
Artist, living and working in Umeå. Responsible for realizing all the art work within Project Ålidhem. Project leader at the National Public Art Council commencing this year, 2009.

Ingo Vetter, born in 1968 in Bensheim, Germany
As an artist I mainly utilize sculpture and photography to follow contemporary transformations of public space. As professor of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Art in Umeå, I have been responsible for Project Ålidhem.
Current project: