"Project Ålidhem" Ingo Vetter and Peter Lundström

"I like Umeå and Umeå likes me" Lasse Sahlin

"An Important Part of our Education" Students’ Foreword

Ylva Trapp

Frida Krohn
Therese Johansson
Lars Hedelin
Frida Krohn, Ylva Trapp
och Lina Palmqvist

Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy

Per-Arne Sträng
Martina Wolgast
Mariel Rosendahl
Nils-Johan Sjöquist


"The History of Ålidhem" Hans Åkerlind
"My own private Ålidhem" Maria Bjurestam
"Functional Sculpturer" Ingo Vetter

Presentation of Participants



Project Ålidhem has been an important part of our education. It has been for real. To be able, as part of the training, to go out and investigate the reality we will eventually find ourselves in is an unbelievable opportunity. When we embarked on this project no one knew what it would actually involve. It is both difficult and exciting to work in public space. We have learned an enormous amount, more than we could ever imagine. In general, it can be said that the project took longer and entailed more work than we thought it would from the beginning. When we now see what we achieved, the work we put into it feels well worth the effort.

Our public presentations have been meaningful for the whole project. When we presented our ideas at Ålidhem Centre we encountered a great interest and great hopes for the sketches and plans we showed. We discovered both a belief in what art can achieve and a certain worry about what we as students might conceivably do. To be open for discussion early on in the ideas stage and to allow oneself to be influenced has been challenging; it is challenging to combine artistic development and dialogue with the public. Sometimes it has felt like a lower school presentation or a coffee klatch. The presentations have enabled us to perceive all the possibilities that are present in a dialogue: sometimes it is fruitful and interesting, sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. It is difficult to reach everyone.

Each step has required organization, time and resources. There is more work behind each step of Project Ålidhem than what is visible in an end product like this catalogue. Together we have held the project together and we have all had different approaches and working processes. Sometimes the work has been heavy going and we have felt that our artistic ideas have been overshadowed by practical matters, budgets and long meetings.

Each artwork in Project Ålidhem is unique. Since we are all different as people and as artists, our work has different entries into public space and into Ålidhem. Some pieces are permanent, made in concrete and metal. Others were ephemeral, events that will remain as stories. Art works are physical or occupy space in another way. Some pieces are related to architecture, others to myths and personal experiences. Some must be experienced on site, others have taken the site with them far outside of Umeå and Sweden.

In this catalogue we summarize and document Project Ålidhem. We have created contacts, posed questions, sown seeds. We have achieved much more than we ever thought we would.