"Project Ålidhem" Ingo Vetter and Peter Lundström

"I like Umeå and Umeå likes me" Lasse Sahlin

"An Important Part of our Education" Students’ Foreword

Ylva Trapp

Frida Krohn
Therese Johansson
Lars Hedelin
Frida Krohn, Ylva Trapp
och Lina Palmqvist

Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy

Per-Arne Sträng
Martina Wolgast
Mariel Rosendahl
Nils-Johan Sjöquist


"The History of Ålidhem" Hans Åkerlind
"My own private Ålidhem" Maria Bjurestam
"Functional Sculpturer" Ingo Vetter

Presentation of Participants


Documentation in chronological order

1. Preparation

2006-08-09 Umeå City Management Office
Decision to finance the artistic enhancement of the residential district of Ålidhem

2007-03-13 Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå
First draft programme given to the municipality

2007-03-20 Umeå City Management Office
Municipality rejected the draft programme and requested revision

2007-03-22 Umeå City Management Office
Meeting with Jan Björinge on Project Ålidhem

2007-03-29 Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå
A revised draft programme given to the municipality

2. Investigation

2007-03-22 Cinema, Ålidhem’s Youth Club
Lectures: Project Ålidhem
Ingo Vetter, Professor at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts: Presentation of Project Ålidhem
Klara Eriksson, Ålidhem’s local association: Presentation of the local residents’ association’s activities
Tom van Gestel, artistic leader of SKOR, The Netherlands: Lecture on contemporary concepts within public art

2007-03-23 Ålidhem
Public tour of Ålidhem with Tom van Gestel

2007-04-26 Cinema, Ålidhem’s Youth Club
Lecture: The History of Ålidhem
Former Municipal Architect, Hans Åkerlind presents the history of the district, followed by a discussion about Project Ålidhem

2007-05-15 Cinema, Ålidhem’s Youth Club
Who should do art in public space? A discussion about public art commissions with professional artists and students from the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts.

2007-05-22 Ålidhem
My own private Ålidhem – personal memories of a public area. A tour led by Maria Bjurestam, project leader at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts

2007-05-31 Ålidhem Library
Coffee Break – opening of the Information Centre at Ålidhem’s Library

2007-08-10 Stora Nolia, Umeå
Project Ålidhem is presented in the Umeå University’s stand at the trade fair, Stora Nolia.

3. Development

2007-09-24 to 2007-10-05 Umeå Academy of Fine Arts
Workshop: Maria Bjurestam, Peter Lundström and Johan Zetterquist

2007-09-24 Cinema, Ålidhem’s Youth Club
Lecture: Proposals for Public Art Johan Zetterquist, artist, Gothenburg

2007-09-25 Ålidhem
Students present their projects
Public tour of Ålidhem with Johan Zetterquist and students from the Academy of Fine Arts

2007-10-11 Umeå Academy of Fine Arts
Presentation for design group, Umeå Municipality, Head of Department of Parks and Streets, Carl Arnö, City Architect, Olle Forsgren, Curator, Lars Sahlin

2007-10-25 Town Hall, Umeå
The City as an Arena – Art and Architecture in Public Spaces
A conference in collaboration with Bildmuseet, IASPIS, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Museum Anna Norlander, Department of Culture, Umeå Municipality and Gallery Verkligheten.

Dr. Brigitte Franzen, curator Sculpture Projects Münster, 2007
Zoran Eric, curator at Museum of Modern Art, Belgrade
Vesa Honkonen, Architect, Helsinki
Ingo Vetter, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts

2007-10-26 to 2007-11-02, former Videocity, Ålidhem Centre
Presentation of 12 proposals for art projects in Ålidhem
Opening by Ingo Vetter, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts
Lecture by Dr. Brigitte Franzen

2008-02-05 Grand Hotel, Stockholm
Ingo Vetter presents Project Ålidhem at Grand Hotel Days 2008

4. Execution

Nils-Johan Sjöquist orders the jump cushion for Drip from Airvision Aps in Brondby, Denmark

2008-02-04 Ålidhem Library
Press conference on the various building and construction processes and opening of Therese Johansson’s Alone Together.

2008-02-06 Svenska Dagbladet
Nils-Johan Sjöquist’s advertisement Ålidhem Forever is publish on Svenska Dagbladet’s financial page

2008-02-06 Ålidhem Library
Coffee Break – public information meeting on the various building and construction processes

2008-02-11 to 2008-02-26 Umeå Academy of Fine Art
Tryggve Lundberg casts the bronze details for Mariel Rosendahl’s The Ceiling In My Room Is Stars

2008-03-09 to 2008-05-11 Byggbetong, Umeå
Eva Söderström casts Mariel Rosendahl’s sculptures The Ceiling In My Room Is Stars

2008-03-25 to 2008-03-28 Örnsköldsvik Collective Workshop
Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy works with enamels under the supervision of Mikael Arvidsson

2008-05-12 to 2008-05-13 Ålidhem
Filming of Mariel Rosendahl’s video The grass will be greener

2008-05-27 Ålidhem
Laying the foundations for Martina Wolgast’s …HMLG started

2008-05-27 Umeå Academy of Fine Arts
Nils Johan Sjöquist’s Drip is delivered from China

2008-05-28 to 2008-05-31 Ålidhem
The Ceiling In My Room Is Stars is transported to Ålidhem and put in place

2008-05-28 Geografigränd, Ålidhem
The enamel paintings The trees of Ålidhem are mounted

2008-05-29 Historiegränd Ålidhem
Fiberbetongutveckling mounts parts of Per-Arne Sträng’s column

2008-05-31 Ålidhem Centre
Opening of 12 art projects, with speeches from Eva Arvidsson, local politician, Lennart Holmlund, local counsellor, Frida Krohn, Ylva Trapp and Lars Hedelin and Ingo Vetter, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts

2008-06-13 Ålidhem
HMLG, the fence is raised

2008-06-19 to 2008-06-25 Umeå Academy of Fine Arts
Vandalised bronze goblet from The Ceiling In My Room Is Stars is repaired

2008-06-25 Ålidhem
HMLG, planting

2008-06-30 Historiegränd Ålidhem
Fiberbetongutveckling completes the mounting of the column

2008-08-15 Ålidhem
HMLG, sculpture placed on site